The Camrose Morning News is a unique newspaper that has been a part of the morning ritual for many local Camrose and area residents for many years.  It is much more than your standard coffee house newspaper you see in other communities with over 20 pages of local news, entertaining content and advertising.  Published daily every Monday to Friday, the Camrose Morning News is the best way to start off your day.

The paper has evolved over the years from the single double-sided piece of paper that it started out as to the current 20-28 page paper read today.  Our current print run is over 3000 papers per day with delivery nightly to over 350 spots within the city of Camrose and much of the surrounding rural area.  If you are reading this, then you probably already know that you can also read the entire contents of the paper on this website, which over 500 people do daily.

My wife Colleen and I purchased the Camrose Morning News on May 1st, 2004.  I had always thought that this newspaper was a great idea and was a business that I really wanted to be part of.  My best friend’s mom was a partner when it first began and I actually sold them some computer and printer equipment many years ago from the company I was working for in Edmonton.  In 2004, I was commuting every day to Edmonton to sell computer networks and copier equipment and Colleen was managing the seafood department at the Camrose Superstore.  We had wanted to start up our own business for a long time and when the opportunity to purchase the Camrose Morning News came to us, we jumped at it and the rest is history.

The success that we have experienced with this newspaper is solely dependent upon our loyal readers and our advertisers.  We appreciate the support that we have received from both areas and look forward to providing an even better level of service in the future.  Please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of my staff at (780) 672-3231 if you have any questions or would like to book advertising space.  I look forward to speaking and working with you.

Roger Maschke
Camrose Morning News